TRIXIE: Removed

This is the other part off wat am wrighting by my Sister Beatrix


Trixie writes;

In early 1963, I was 14 yrs. of age and finally saved from my father’s home. I learned with other peoples help to pick myself up and make a better life for myself and to not become a statistic in the books. Yes, it was difficult many times, because the negativity can easily overwhelm you. I was a person who had no passport that I can remember, although I did have a green card. I remember having to register at the local post office by the end of January, can’t remember if it was every year or not. Somewhere in my teenage years, my green card was lost or stolen. I had no personal identity which was reason to get a drivers license early and I gave up my dutch citizenship to become a Naturalized citizen. Establishing an identity for myself was key for my ability to stay…

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