Yes Schit and Back wards


On earth, in the air and at sea and there hovers somewhere between my glass of wine, while the sun rays, dancing on the surface and a vliegje pulling here and there, which i would prefer to see a syrup tape sticking, than in my glass, because I know that the fly bitter taste, of course, i would be able to buy a cheaper wine which has been bitter, but as i am not, i would rather pay more and have therefore till what, so far as I am concerned, flying be stolen, perhaps i should summer or wine under a mosquito net or with a straw, so that, that not in my throat pctook far longer now and now we have thrown about, My potatoes thrown in a box and was inserted into the places i corpse leak more on a kind of raisin bread, well raised and baked, so that you of that black currants, insert looks, with a bitteren taste of burned sugar, so you do not agree Carmel, you might see a bit sukade, by breaking, green, or red or yellow, yellow as greased otter which runs out of my nose and the color of etter which seeps from my open gekrabde wounds and all this everything i collect in a flowerpot, where i first stopped in a cork so that goo not taken word by my lawn, which would also wasted time Orphans and is that pot than full, then i put that as far as possible away from me, so that all those kut bugs, since their fun, and i can finally enjoy my glass of wine, which, incidentally, i very lonely, this year is the quiet, everyone goes to Spain and Portugal or so, France commends itself off the market and the sad truth is that they have not, that still think that they in the walhalla life and perhaps that is not their fault, because the finder of the euro had a counting error was made, simply on recovery concern error, i was there earlier in the corner, because a Dutch Euro was more like the French Euro, but that is too late now, the harm has already been done, so the French might have the account and not that i that gun, but they just need to look at their prices, which are comparable to the UK, but that is the channel between them and of course dreams of old times, when Napoleon the world controlled and perhaps with Germany a new European government, so that all the other governments are superfluous geslokt go on and be in a German – French grasping with a weak Euro and everyone who are jaw must close, so with thoughts as this, zuip i of misery but for weather bugs and Wine bugs on and spoil my stomach, which is running to and i spuug red on the lawn, kots does, i was lucky that was infested not on the spot, because that is where you’d be better off?

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