Naakt of zo

Ik vlieg KLM jij ook??
Ik vlieg KLM jij ook??

While Nijmegen can walk, i have my small toe broken, which remained hooks behind a bank, klapte so on it and i blew him with another fold back in lined up, it was not the drink, than was probably a gil came from my mouth, now only a murmurings and verdomme what stupid, thought by your head, as if everything in life is also the same thing has happened, i think, not for hands of connection, still box, a woman came in the next morning this to my door, so quickly wrapped, that foot, the pain was there not less and still i look askance down, reassured that, doctors are very personable, so to amputation, the life can simply by And if i am a week later, not very reassuring, but i think that the slide in Nijmegen also deliver to their under set look, life is beautiful, the garden less and the village also, almost no chicken to confess and i cannot sell the potatoes, pour i they of misery but to the castle, that the family is also lean and for me, it doesn’t matter, my wife had again drunk too much, so this day is to the buttons, my daughter word as brown, that i go seem more on a milk bottle, the smile on her face makes it good, they play and enjoy what wish you more as child and than think I again, where was that for me, and then i connect my thoughts, an iron lock on, decay not in when and see how nice the life is, if the vapors of the asphalt beams, if photo,s with against light are taken, moreover, poor recordings, of Gelderland, since they had to think for a moment, or a more qualified someone to price of improper is always too high, as high as my leg, which i put down to the swelling, because i do not have peace in my mind excercise, lanced the will remain where it is, in which foot, while i can already hear the bagpipes play and would like to dance to the size, all That proud people who go over the line, the four-day, Nijmegen, you can say, i was there!

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